Parenting Classes During Covid-19

With social distance still an important aspect of battling the spread of Covid-19, many activities are at a halt. One such activity needed for some divorces is a parenting class.These classes are required when a divorce occurs and children must be co parented. The idea behind them is to educate parents on the emotional needs of children and how divorce affects them. Judges ask that both parents attend in order to learn to put aside their own feelings and focus on their children during a difficult transition. They are helpful tools for parenting alone and with a former spouse. Many judges feel they are necessary to the divorce process. 

Be sure to check with your attorney about these requirements and how classes have been modified for social distance measures. Some of these classes may have been cancelled, others moved to online or virtual platforms. Attending these classes virtually, or however possible, is important to a good divorce case, especially where custody issues are concerned. The judge sees you have complied with his/her wishes and the fact that you have somehow attended or looked into the classes shows your willingness to complete whatever action is needed for the sake of you child. 

It’s important to communicate with your attorney and ask questions if you don’t understand the process of divorce. There are many variables during a divorce, and clients are often dealing with stress that can distract or numb them from all of these variables. We at Kevin Hickey Law Partners try to keep you informed in order to reduce your stress. Check with your attorney about requirements—such as a parenting class. There may be other ways social distancing during Covid-19 affects you and your divorce. During such uncertain times, choose a law firm that will help you navigate uncharted territory.


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