In Arkansas, all property acquired by the parties after marriage is considered marital property.  This means it is to be equally divided between the husband and wife with some limited exceptions.  The primary exceptions are inherited property and gifted property.  Aunt Sue died and left you her prized chihuahua paintings?  Those are yours to keep entirely.  Your wife gave you a shiny new set of golf clubs for Christmas last year?  Yours to keep.  Also, anything that was owned prior to the marriage will be awarded to that party.  CAVEAT:  There are always exceptions to the rule so make sure you check with an attorney before making any decisions based on what you believe your ownership is in certain property in your divorce case.

The actual filing of the divorce is taken care of by our firm.  Some people decide prior to that to discuss the fact that they are filing for divorce with their spouse.  There is no right answer to that and each person/case is different.

We are often asked this question and rarely do we give an answer.  Trying to decide whether or not to file for divorce is largely a personal decision.  We can counsel you on timing, impact on the parties and children, etc.  But whether a divorce is what you need to do is largely up to you.

Divorce can affect children in many different ways including resulting in depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Children can be emotionally damaged in the wake of their parents’ divorce, but there are steps you can take to lessen the damage.

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