Budget Friendly Staycations in Arkansas

Budget Friendly Staycations in Arkansas

Unfortunately, divorce takes a toll on finances. It can take years of budgeting and careful planning to bring finances back into a comfortable place; however, it’s also important for you and your family to have fun together. We did a little research on this natural state, and found that Arkansas offers a variety of fun, breathtaking, and historical family adventures. The state’s site, https://www.arkansas.com/, boasts a travel blog, coupons, an events calendar, and a way to build your own vacation! There’s a guide to lakes, Arkansas State Parks, wineries and breweries, cabins, restaurants, and much more — all by region. Here are a few we thought might be fun and are family oriented, but be sure to check out the site:






And to make it really easy on you, here’s the trip planner: